Posted By: tommy1de 
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I found this in an old farmhouse kitchen; obviously some kind of kitchen gadget. Anyone know what it is? One person suggested it might be a soft boiled egg scoop, but I can't find anything similar. Can you help? Tommy
 Posted By: Cook Chatty Cathy 
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Wow Tommy I must say I have not got a clue! But hey welcome to SpicePlace, & hopefully someone else will have an answer for you! Good Luck!
 Posted By: tommy1de 
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It's about 5 inches long, wooden handle, "scoop," about the size of a tablespoon, but thicker, with the two cut-outs. All edges are blunt; looks like the scoop is spot welded to handle bracked which is press fitted to handle.
 Posted By: Cook Chatty Cathy 
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I wonder if it is some kind of a butter scoop, that they used to sccop butter from the churn and place it into the molds? Just a Wild-Azz-Guess:rolleyes:

Hey Mama don't you know what this thing is???

Kevin, I know you have been into antiques at times and I'll bet you have an idea of what this gadget is!

OK IC you have just got to know!!!!!

Come on guys and gals give it a stab........
 Posted By: mream 
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hi tommy 1
Seems a strange shape

Like a spoon to fill small Bottles
Or be used for grain
When learning how to use

Told me