Posted By: ainjel 
Jul 8  # 6 of 18
Charcoal is only used in our house when the gas runs out of the grill or if we happen to be camping. I actually have never really been a fan of the way charcoal tastes. Maybe it's from eating food off a charcoal grill that someone didn't know how to properly cook with. Now though I just prefer gas, luckily my boyfriend does to so that's what we use. : )
 Posted By: GregGraves 
Jul 8  # 7 of 18
One more vote for charcoal. My brother almost blew himself up just fooling around and pressing the ignite button on his grill. The flame had gone out, and the lid was closed, and ka-bam. Luckily no-one was hurt.
 Posted By: BagCSC 
Jul 10  # 8 of 18
I like cooking with both. They both have advantages. I really really hate burping after cooking with charcoal....ugh....burps taste like gross. :mad: I like the taste of charcoal, but it wreaks havoc on me later. I like the convenience of gas because I dont have to wait on it to get hot and if I make a mistake and get it too hot, I can just turn it down and instantly correct the issue.
 Posted By: oldbay 
Jul 10  # 9 of 18
I only use charcoal for grilling. I think it tastes better to cook over natural heat on a grill. We had a Jenn-Air once for indoor grilling. It didn't produce the results we expected of it, so still use charcoal.
 Posted By: r8rpwr 
Jul 11  # 10 of 18
I like charcoal better as well. I'm old school I guess. :D