Posted By: muslgrl 
Sep 3  # 16 of 18
Using a gas grill to me you might as well cook inside charcoal all the way
 Posted By: mtmomj 
Sep 14  # 17 of 18
Its a time issue with me. If I'm grilling on a weekday, after work or something I like to use gas. If I'm grilling on a weekend or holliday where I can spend a lot of time I like using charcoal for the flavor and also the enjoyment of just grilling.
 Posted By: cookforkids 
Jan 14  # 18 of 18
I use charcoal... That is what my dad always used and what I learned to cook on besides that I am a cub scout leader and like to try new recipes on it that I can teach the boys when we are out camping.