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I experimented for some time before developing this recipe. We've got a Cheddar's Casual Cafe near our home. They serve the most amazing Spinach Dip Appetizer. I'm certain this recipe is as good or better than theirs.Give it a try. It's great.


A creamy warm spinach dip, served with jalapeno peppers and tortilla chips.
• 2 large packages of fresh young spinach (julienne) 12 to 14 oz.
• 8 oz package pepper jack cheese ( shredded )
• 6 oz package cream cheese ( softened)
• cup heavy cream
• cup chopped onion
• 3 to 4 cloves garlic ( chopped finely )
• 2 tbs olive oil
• salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste, optional
• 8 large jalapeno peppers cut in half and seeded
• white corn tortillas chips
Heat a large skillet to medium, add oil, chopped onion and cook until clear, add salt, pepper, garlic and spinach and ( stack several spinach leaves and slice thinly before hand ) stir often, as spinach reduces lower the heat and cook until the water that cooked out is reduced in the skillet. Stir in pepper jack and cream cheeses. Once the cheese has melted stir in the cream and reduce heat to simmer.
. Preheat your Sizzling Pepper Griddle on the stove (Electric, Gas, or Barbecue grill) to Medium. Oil the griddle. Salt peppers, fill peppers halves with spinach dip and put into preheated griddle for approximately 5 to 7 minutes until peppers have browned. Place peppers on plate of tortilla chips and top with grated cheese. Allow some cooling time before eating.
Top with Salsa and Sour Cream for added taste.Don’t forget to refill your griddle with additional peppers. One serving is never enough. To spice’em up, top with grated Pepper Jack or Mexican melting cheese with Jalapeno’s.

Serve remaining dip with tortillas chips.

You can just make the Dip, But your missing out on a wonderful stuffed pepper recipe that's sure to be a crowd pleaser

The Pepperman:D
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I was just thinking about you Pepperman. You seemed to have suddenly disappeared. But here you are.

I like the sound of this appetiser. One question, though. Is there a particular reason you specify chifenading the spinach instead of just chopping it? Seems to me that once it's cooked, and has reduced down, it wouldn't make much difference.
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This sounds delicious and I am going to print it out and keep it! Thanks for sharing!

Do hope your place in Steinhetchee was OK after Fay's antics:confused: And I hope this Gustavo just dies:( You know it's strange but Fay visited my entire family from FL to AL then swung on up here to have her say. These storms!!!! I wonder how the scallop beds are:confused:

Wishing you the best, Cathy
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Chop, cut, dice, or use whole baby spinach, that's your choice.You could use frozen, Not my choice. I'd rather use fresh. I'm not the instant type when it comes to cooking. I like the long thin cut myself, It dips better and looks great in the serving dish, I also add a dollop of sour cream in center of the dish along with a shred of cheese on top.
I've been out of town doing some griddle demos.

We've been experiencing lots of weather, not sure about the hattchee house or the scallops. We're traveling this weekend. I'll let you know something on Tue. Check out this youtube video ( steinhatchee song, it's neat)
YouTube - I'm Talking 'bout Steinhatchee (2008)

The Pepperman
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Hey Guys,
Made the trip to Steinhatchee Fla. this weekend. Every thing was fine. The water was dark from all the tannic acid run off in the river. Fay really droped lots of rain last month. We did find some clearer water south of river around Pepper Fish Keys.

We grilled a few chicken breast Sat. evening. While I was preparing the chicken. I cut one of them into small pieces and paired them on skewers with the scallops we collected Sat. added salt, pepper , and a drizzle of olive oil, and:D grilled for great appetizer while waiting on the breast to cook.

Everyone really enjoyed them.

The Pepperman