Posted By: Cook Chatty Cathy 
Aug 2  # 11 of 13
:D OK OK Janie very sneaky of you knowin I was slaughtering Roosters today, but smart very smart, one rooster for the CP Pie, one for the neighbor, and one for YOU WORKED YOUR MAGIC = Chicked and dumplings;)

That will leave only one happy rooster (he is the only nice one and a Buff- Orpington)and there should be a safer environment for me each time I have to go in there, as it is I have been fearing my life and so take along a little cane pole stick to protect meself from the dangers of Rooster Spurs, plus the poor hens are scarred to death with all these roosters running around acting like wild as* maniacs!!! Awwwww a peaceful chicken coup, that's all I ask for Lord:)
 Posted By: jglass 
Aug 2  # 12 of 13
I rememner roosters spend their days trying to kill each other when there is more than one.
I imagine your pen will be much safer indeed lol.
 Posted By: MsMai 
Aug 2  # 13 of 13
:D Lord knows I would too. Those and mac and cheese are my very favs. I can gain five # just thinking about them.