Posted By: jglass 
Aug 20  # 1 of 5
Jon and I each have our own desktop pcs on back to back desks. Well a preacher friend drops off his laptop to get fixed yesterday. While waiting on him I was getting my dishes washed in the kitchen. I notice that my computer which was on the desktop had opened a You Tube page and here is some blonde woman sitting at a desk chatting away. I run a tracks eraser program on my computer and take it back to the desktop. Come back about 5 min later and its doing it again lol.

SOO I have some You Tube virus that keeps opening this one video again and again lol. I told Jon what was going on and he unplugged my internet connection and together we got it out in like 5 min. I told Jon atleast the woman in the video was clothed. Can you imagine if she hadnt been and the preacher sitting on the couch and that pops up? Jon asked me what she was saying in the vid and I told him I had no idea. Unless Im watching something I always keep my sound turned off. I had been watching Thai cooking vids on You Tube and must have gotten it then.
I told Jon hey..if I want a vid of someone popping up all the time I much prefer a cute guy to some woman lol.
I remember the good old days when you had to actually download an infected file and open it to get virused. Now you can get them from just surfing websites.
Anyway..I got rid of the video :rolleyes:
 Posted By: KYHeirloomer 
Aug 21  # 2 of 5
I guess it would be amusing to somebody like you, who can figure out what the problem is and fix it.

But somebody like me (you can't do high-tech with a low-tech mind) would be climbing the walls and throwing things----like maybe an axe at the computer.
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
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with all these stupid virus problems, spam, etc. you think that someone would be able to stop it all - half the time pop-up blockers stop you fron seeing certain things you want to see and the pop-up ads are still coming thru

I went to a recipe site to get a recipe for a friend - she said she had a lot of trouble trying to get the recipe - yeah right - it was a site where you have to knock out several pop-up ads before you get anywhere near a recipe - took me forever to get it for her - and it's the last time! I told her to find that recipe on an different site the next time - one where you can click and get it and not go thru hell trying to get it.
 Posted By: mrsjimmyp 
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It is frustrating with all the viruses out there. I make sure I delete the temporary internet files every time I get off line.And I don't open forwarded emails. I run a virus scan everday too.
 Posted By: jglass 
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I have my computer pretty protected but I still get one here and there.
If you go to tools at the top of your internet explorer and then click pop up blocker. Make sure pop up blocker is turned on and it helps alot with popups. I run tracks eraser everytime I get off the net which deletes all the temp files. My antivirus is up to date. Unfortunately flash and active x controls which you have to have installed to view alot of sites make your computer vunerable to some viruses.