Posted By: chubbyalaskagriz 
Nov 27  # 1 of 5
My family always ask for ideas of things they can get me- this year I've mentioned that I'd love having Ina Garten's latest cookbook- also a new butter dish.

I bought my sister one of Rachel Ray's cobalt blue extra-deep lasagna dishes- and it's beautiful!

My Dad wants a waffle iron...

Are there any kitchen items you're all wishing to get from Santa this year? Or that you're giving to others?
 Posted By: ChileFarmer 
Nov 27  # 2 of 5
The only thing that comes to mind is, a mold for making bread bowls. I saw some a while that were made of cornbread. I asked how they made them, said they had a pan mold. So I am on the look out. CF:)
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
Nov 27  # 3 of 5
I have "bread molds" - oven proof dishes that I turn upside down! LOL I have so much - but of course - there is always a use for something new. I'm easy to please -
 Posted By: jpshaw 
Nov 27  # 4 of 5
I've been asking for the same box smoker for a year. Wife and son both gave me money to get it and it's no longer available at WalMart now. I'ts like a chimney smoker but I'ts not cylinder shaped but boxed shape. One door on the bottom gives access to a slide out charcoal pan and the other to the slide out water pan. The upper door has two slide out meat trays and the whole thing can be covered with a single trash bag. Takes up about a third of the space a side-box smoker does and cost less then a $100.
 Posted By: jglass 
Nov 27  # 5 of 5
I saw on the news yesterday where a family was burned out for the holidays when the Dad set the turkey smoker up to close to the house. Never ever put them close to the house or leave them going without checking and always keep a fire extinguisher close when using them.

I cannot think of any cooking item I want right off hand. Maybe some individual brioche bun molds.