Posted By: BensMom 
Sep 14  # 16 of 32
I like Coke much better. Pepsi is only ok for me!
 Posted By: loubear 
Dec 27  # 17 of 32
I prefer diet dr. pepper over anything. My brother is one of the vp's of marketing at pepsi so I guess I have a family obligation to pepsi as well. I do like the diet pepsi as far as a cola type drink is concerned.
 Posted By: r8rpwr 
Dec 27  # 18 of 32
Coke...There's a reason they call it "The Real Thing" LOL
 Posted By: Bipsorama 
Dec 28  # 19 of 32
It just tastes better to me.
 Posted By: pohto9 
Dec 28  # 20 of 32
I like in Coke country, and alot of people around me come from old Coca Cola money, because their families bought the stock when it was new, but I definitly prefer Pepsi. To me Coke is just to weet. I only drink diet for that very same reason.
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