Posted By: sarahlorrain 
Jan 10  # 26 of 32
I like both, but I prefer Coke. My favorite Coke is the caffeine free. Not diet, though. I cannot consume any artificial sweeteners at all. They all give me headaches. I don't drink the caffeine free though; I love that caffeine too much!
 Posted By: GregGraves 
Jan 10  # 27 of 32
I prefer Pepsi since the new Coke incident unless I drink the Kosher Coke. Even though they say they went back to the original formula, Coke is now made with High Fructose Corn Syrup instead of sugar. There is one time of the year that you can get Coke made with sugar, and that is around Passover (which I just looked up and Passover starts next on April 2 2007).

If you want to get the real original coke, find a grocery store that sells the Kosher Coke, which comes in a 2 liter bottle only, and has a yellow cap with Hebrew writing on it. There is definitely a taste difference.

We stock up on the Kosher Coke and buy about 30 2 liter bottles of it. Then we use it sparingly through out the year. In fact we have one bottle left now. You'll only find this Kosher Coke on sale from about March 25th until April 10th this year.
 Posted By: xEveex 
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Quote rt49andellis wrote:
Coke -- And my mother drinks pepsi. She has informed me that coke is a dirty 4 letter word that should not be spoken in her home. *laughs* She hates that stuff with a passion. If she goes to a drive-thru that doesn't have pepsi, she'll go to the next one that she can find that does. Silly woman

That is purrfect...I wish my mum was that quirky..sounds like something I would do...although I'm nto a big fan of sodey pop...but I love my tea....and fraps
 Posted By: cookforkids 
Jan 14  # 29 of 32
I am so hooked on diet pepsi it isnt even funny! I had some kidney stones and I need to get back to drinking water more! Too bad Water doesnt taste like diet pepsi!:rolleyes:
 Posted By: medako 
Jan 14  # 30 of 32
I'm not a big drinker of either. They're usually just too sweet for me.

However, if I get the craving for something carbonated, I'd choose Pepsi. If I'm out with hubby and we're sharing a drink, it's usually diet coke.
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