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...that your table or meals just wouldn't be the same, without?

I have three:

1.) a round cheese dome w/ a glass dome top and a wooden base on which I regularly make various cheese-balls that are my most frequent go-to appie (whiskeyed smoked salmon w/ dill is my preferred) that I serve both at home- and contribute when I'm asked to bring something elsewhere.

2.) an oblong piece of blue-green Edith Parsons pottery from Homer, Alaska in the shape of a sort of shortened stunted version of a claw-foot bath-tub that I found on the "seconds" shelf at the potter's gallery. So it's slightly mis-shapen and mal-formed w/ some flawwed coloring in 2 small areas, but I just love it. It's extra-large and is a striking opiece, and is perfect for everything from chilled salads to hot pasta tosses, sliced roasts... and looks great on the tableltop as a vessel for whole fruit such a oranges, pomegranates, or persimmons.

3.) an ages-old thick, chunky slab of footed maple that was in my Grandma's kitchen I love using to display whole roasted birds, poached salmon, prime ribs or porkloins on. Plenty of room to lay out a nice big whatever- and surround w/ roasted vegetables, or various pretty garnishes such as herbs, grape clusters, split lemons, sprigs of edible flowers- plus it has a deep channel around the permimeter to catch any run-away juices from carved meats.

What treasured piece would your table not be the same, without?
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Kevin how about a few pictures they sound very nice? My wife has some pink milk glass she uses a lot and they are beautiful.