Posted By: KYHeirloomer 
Aug 21  # 1 of 8
And now this late breaking news flash. If you can't cook; if you're hopeless in the kitchen, Food Network wants you for a planned new show.

Yeah, that's right up there with their original mandate.

Details: TV : Be on Food Network : Open Call for Hopeless Cooks : Food Network
 Posted By: Cook Chatty Cathy 
Aug 21  # 2 of 8
Oh my gosh I hate to see what this show turns up:mad: More Big Boodied, 38D Boobie (Air head) Babes I am sure!!!!!
 Posted By: Big Daddy's Kitchen 
Aug 21  # 3 of 8
I saw this at another cooking forum as well!

Looks like they're becoming desparate now for ANYONE!
 Posted By: mrsjimmyp 
Aug 21  # 4 of 8
LOL....Cathy.....airhead Big BOObies seem to be all the rage !
Let me see if I can find my sons Ex gf and get her to audition for the show ! She was the one that couldn't Boil water !
 Posted By: Big Daddy's Kitchen 
Aug 21  # 5 of 8
Who was the one who won last year's NFNS?

Amy something or other. She didn't last too long, I don't think!