Posted By: CanMan 
Aug 23  # 1 of 3
If you want to really learn the facts of Home Preserving (Canning) or see how current your knowledge is, now is your chance.

The University of Georgia Extension and the National Center for Home Food Preservation (the authority in the field) is now offering a *free* self-study online course to regular people. When successfully completed you will also be given a Certificate.

Go to National Center for Home Food Preservation and go about halfway down the page for the link. There are only 4 parts but how long it takes you is how much you already know in order to complete the tests.

Yes I completed the course successfully.
 Posted By: Cook Chatty Cathy 
Aug 23  # 2 of 3
:)This is awesome Canman, I will be doing that immediately THANKS:)
 Posted By: cookie 
Aug 24  # 3 of 3
Thanks I'm going to check this out. Cookie :)