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I was just curious....what kind of stove do you like to cook on? I prefer Gas and have always had a Gas stove until I married my new Hubby. Now we have an eletric stove. It is making me wish I still had a Gas living in a very Rural area does have it's drawbacks. We have to use a Gas tank and have to get our Gas delivered to us. It would not be feasable to use a gas stove the way prices are at this time.
I think gas stoves cook so much better than electric.I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to kick this stove ! lol...I burn food way to many times on it !:o
 Posted By: Cook Chatty Cathy 
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Francie, First off love the new Avatar! In my opinion GAS is best, but I use whatever I have to and get the job done! We just moved into our house back in March and it is the 1st time in 8 yrs I lucked out and got a gas stove, it runs about 25 - 30 dollars a month to cook with it. It is the only gas appliance we have in the house so I KNOW that is what it costs to use. Although we do not use a tank, we have natural gas from Georgia Natural Gas Co. When I was younger I used a propane tank for all our gas appliances in the house, I really did not like the way it got soot on the bottom of all my pots and pans. I prefer Natural gas for that reason, it burns much cleaner!

Not to get totally off the subject, since you mentioned living in a very rural area and wanted to make the Eggplant & Tomato Salad I posted a while back and you were unable to find some of the ingredients for the spices needed in that recipe. I wanted to let you know where you can order Ras-el-Hanout or Harissa Paste from it is called: Moroccan Spices, Argan Oil, Preserved Lemons, Harissa, Ras el Hanout, Zahtar and other ethnic gourmet seasonings if you are still interested.

Also if you wanted to join a cook book club there is a great one called just in case you are interested. I have been totally satisfied with every book I've ordered so far. If you should decide to join just let me know and I will sign you up under me and I will get a free book or some such thing!

Back to subjest I love cooking on gas!:)
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It's a no-brainer: Gas for sure!

I've had electric stoves three times. Once, in an apartment, where I couldn't do anything about it but cuss. And twice, in houses, where they lasted only so long as it took to replace them.

We're in a rural area ourselves, on RECC. And I still got rid of the electric monstrosity. Instead, we set up a dual tank system: two 100-gallon tanks. When one of them runs out I switch the tanks over, call the gas company, and that's that. Never run out.

I think, too, that if you add up both the operating costs of your electric stove, and the cost of ruined food, you'd come out economically ahead using propane.

We go through two tanks a year, on average (we only cook with it). Even at the last price---which was 90 bucks---it makes my cooking gas the cheapest utility we have. I just did the math, and it costs less than 50 cents a day for us to be on gas----and that includes the heavy usage due to canning, which starts about now and continues into October

If you should decide to change, don't forget that most stoves come preset for natural gas and the valves have to be adjusted for the higher pressures of propane.
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I like both, Francie.

I prefer a gas cook-top with fire-eyes for fully-adjustable, instant heat... and I like an electric oven because I find they bake so much more evenly than gas.

My condo has an all-electric range because until a few shorts months ago I was away from home at work up north for many weeks at a time. I liked the peace-of-mind of an electric stove when away- but soon I will likely make a change- or when this stove goes ka-put, anyway!
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"I liked the peace-of-mind of an electric stove when away-"


Could you expand on this, Kevin. I don't understand it.