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While at SAMS the other day they had Halloween displays out and even some Chritmas items. NOW..I love to see it lol. Im a holiday nut. The only thing I like about summer is having fresh garden goodies. I heard lots of other people mumbling about how stores push the holidays on people to fast. I can understand why some people would feel that way. Im just not one of them lol. Im still a big kid at heart. I still have It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown I watch every fall with my nieces when Halloween gets close. I have a DVD collection of all the Rankin Bass claymation Christmas holiday movies. Christmas wouldnt be Christmas without Rudolph and The Year Without A Santa Claus. I love Mickey's Christmas Carol & you can't forget Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas lol.

Anyone here get irritated by the holiday displays when its 90+ outside?
 Posted By: chubbyalaskagriz 
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Don't bother me in the slightest- to tell ya the truth, janie.

When I worked for Princess we had a huge "Christmas in July" weekend celebration every summer. We decorated to the nines- trees, wreaths, blinking lights, robotic snow-men, santa suits (guess what fat guy got stuck being the Santa many years?) decorated gingerbread houses, and the whole sha-bang! We even did a staged Vaudeville style show with carols, costumes, etc. It was fun!

In the cooking biz folks and big companies have their annual catered Christmas Party as early as October and as late a Valentine's Day. I've almost always been burnt-out on the holidays LONG before they occur anyway- whatever Sam's or Wal-Mart has on display really hasn't played any part in that, 'cause the biz alone dragged it out and milked it dry for me!

Not to sound like a Bah-Humbug 'cause that ain't my style at all... but working really busy Christmas seasons in a demanding field kinda gives the holidays a whole new meaning!
 Posted By: jglass 
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Yeah if I had to work at a business during the holdiays I doubt I would like them as much lol.
 Posted By: KYHeirloomer 
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Personally I get very irritated at the way they push the envelope. For several reasons.

First and foremost it's the way all the holidays have been overly commercialized. When, for instance, did Halloween become such a big deal? God forbid you dress you kid in a home-made custome anymore. (S)he'll be ostracized. And there are places I know of where the housewives actually have an unspoken competition over house decorations, and who can give out the most popular treats---all of which are store-bought, of course, because of the make-believe threat of razor blades in the apples.

Second, holidays should be happy time events. There should be a sense of building anticipation, with the holiday being the climax. Nowadays it's anticlimactic, because we're so saturated that by the time it arrives we're just glad to see it over with.

Third, from my point of view, holidays are either religious events or family affairs. As a pagan, for instance, Halloween has meaning for me beyond what most people think. Thanksgiving and Christmas are times when family and loved ones gather together in celebration. So I don't want to hear, in October, that there are only 97 shopping days until Christmas. I don't want to shop for it at all.

BTW, how many realize, on a conscious level, that in the U.S. Thanksgiving is the only holiday we have whose sole purpose is food and gluttony? While we do eat and overindulge on other holidays, that isn't their reason for being.
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:)I Love the holidays! It's that special time of year. I Love all the bright lights and the shopping it's cool. :cool: I make good foodies.:p I get with Family. Talk with the neighbors we exchange foodies.:D Then all of the sudden:eek: it gets to be a little much but it's fun! Cookie :)