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Ok, I've seen so many interesting, wonderful, intriguing names that y'all give yourselves and was wondering if you would mind sharing why you chose that particular name for yourself---no, Dr. Phil isn't lurking in the background:D :D
I'll share with you why I chose "expatgirl". An expat(short for expatriate) is someone who lives outside of their home country. Our first foreign posting was in Egypt for 6 years, back to Houston for 4 more and now to Kazahstan. I had a wonderful, kooky friend in Egypt and she composed a song using the same tune as Elton John's "Uptown Girl" and turned it into "Expat girl living in an Expat World". It was an immediate hit--anyway that's where expat girl comes from.:p
 Posted By: barbiedoll1973_tn 
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Ok here I go I made my name up back when I was maybe 24 or so everyone said that I looked like a barbiedoll I was tall skinny had long blonde hair so I chose that name 1973 the year I was borned and TN is where I am from.
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I picked the first part of my name years ago, Phoenyx. When I was in college, I regularly played an online game (I still occasionally play, but not very often) & my user name is Phoenyx. I chose that name because I like phoenixes, but there was already a phoenix as a monster in the game, so I couldn't use Phoenix. My friend suggested changing the 'i' to a 'y' and sure enough that worked.

The second part, Starr, is my married name. It's not very original, I know, but it's me & I like it. :D
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Mine's pretty boring. My DS is named Ben :p
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I am a mother of twins. :D