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Very boring day today - nothing good on the boob tube so I popped in the mini-series "The Blue and The Gray"...........
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Has anyone seen te older move The Apartment? I saw it last week on the Encore Love channel. It's showing again this week on the 26th in the morning in case you get the Encore channels.

I'm not really a love story person, but this movie came on after something welse I was watching. It stars Jack Lemmon, and Shirley McLaine in a story of a guy who lets out his apartments for gain in climbing the corporate ladder, and then gets involved himself. I think this movie couldn't be made today because modern movies miss the details and intricate human interactions that are in this one. You can read about The Apartment at, but here's a true quote from there:
<quote from>
A rare gem, this is a blessedly adult comedy with great performances, great writing and the kind of depth hardly ever seen in the more vapid, formulaic romantic comedies of today.

The movie also stars Ray Walston (My Favorite Martian) and Fred MacMurray (My Three Sons). Yes this is an older movie but it's worth the watching.

A friend of my said she saw it the day it opened at a matinee with a girlfriend of hers and loved it so much she went for an evening show with her husband that evening.

A gem!
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I love a good classic! I am so glad that they came out with DVD's and so many of the old films! I prefer them over a lot of the newer ones.

Even cable is getting boring and for those who don't have cable - it seems that local programming consists of nothing but infomercials or afternoon soaps (which I cannot stand!)

I like to watch CSI, NCIS and CSI Miami. Sometimes 24, Bones and 48 Hours. I miss some of the weeklys like Murder She Wrote, Beauty and the Beast, even some of the old westerns. I would love to see High Chapparal again - even Adventures in Paradise with Gardner McKay! But I've got a pretty good collection on DVD so when there is nothing on or it's another re-run on the weeklys - I can watch John Wayne movies, old war movies, old cowboy pictures and some of the great classics they will never be able to duplicate - Gone With the Wind, etc. Some movies will just not be the same if they try to make them over!

For a pick-me-up there is always Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis, Laurel and Hardy, East Side Kids, Abbott and Costello - and even the old cartoons!! DVD's were a great invention!

And don't forget all those old spooky movies (usually black and whites) from the 30's to the 50's on a stormy night!! Or a good Alfred Hitchcock mystery.

Best part - NO COMMERCIALS - and you can stop the film to make a cup of tea or grab a book or some knitting or even take a call and not miss anything!

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24. Now that is a good show. I cant wait until it comes back on. I cant get enough of that show.
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I've never really watched 24 but a lot of people I know are addicted to it.

We watch a lot of TV series at home on DVD actually. Most are sitcoms though, just something to have a good laugh while lounging in the evening. We have a bunch of Friends and Seinfeld that we've bought over the last few years, and I'm in the process of Netflixing old episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond.