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Quote phoenyxstarr wrote:
I'm looking at right now, and they are quoting a price of $1560 for the course... They also accept some loans and scholarships, from what I've found.

What about grants I think a grant is where you don't have to pay it back right? that would be great if we could get a grant. You know I just don't know if I am smart enough to even pass I have problems helping my daughter with her homework. scary scary. wish that I would have went to school right out of highschool then I would not have to worry about such things.
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I am new to all these things , but love to do work form home.I hope I am not too silly to ask but .......
what if anybody wishes( like me) to work for these but is not a resident of US or lives outside of US.
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The link that my mom gave me, the training is free. There are some other places that have training for free. I don't know where I worte down the links at the moment though.
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I hope you find those links... I'm sure I'm not the only one who would appreciate them.
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Only problem with the free ones, is companies generally won't hire without one of the top 3 schools.

My sister took At Home Professions and also Vo-Tech transcription classes, they won't even respond to her. They are really serious about who they hire because it can be really hard work. The top 3 schools that they generally hire from have really comprehensive training.