Posted By: sarahlorrain 
Jan 14  # 26 of 30
LOL, ChaCha guide here too! I love it. I need to be doing more; but I just get so busy with other things.
 Posted By: Barkely 
Jan 14  # 27 of 30
I "dabble" in ChaCha, I do it once in a while in the evenings while I am watching TV. I also write articles for Associated Content, How To Do Things, and a couple other sites. I love to write, so that is what I do most of the time. I also do secret shopping once in a while, I am signed up with a couple companies. If I see something that will work well in my schedule I zip in and do it, or if I can get a couple shops in the same area on the same day. I don't usually go out of my way to do one shop.
 Posted By: cookforkids 
Jan 14  # 28 of 30
I seem to have quite a few little work at home jobs but they dont pay enough to quit my full time job yet and are taking up all my free time...I dont know what I am gonna do about them....
 Posted By: Sophie 
Mar 8  # 29 of 30
What is ChaCha?

I'm looking for work at home jobs because I have lots of spare time. I already have a home job but it isn't enough.
 Posted By: mtmomj 
Mar 16  # 30 of 30
I kind of gave up on chacha... I started back in September and it seemed like I trained and trained on keywords and never got out of training. I always got the best ratings too, so I don't really know what the deal was??? About how many searches do you have to do on your keywords while in training?