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Another thread made me think of this.

I don't like peanut butter. I never have, even as a kid. People think I'm weird and downright un-American, but there you have it.

I also don't like hot chocolate. I'll drink a small amount if it's really cold out, but as a rule I don't care for it. Since I don't like coffee either (ever), that limits me severely. Good thing I live in a warm climate. :D (I do like tea).
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I just remembered that I don't like milkshakes either. Which is not a problem; that's just calories I don't worry about consuming (I save that worry for french fries!).

At holiday time I also do not like eggnog (Well, I don't like eggnog anytime, but you don't really see it at other times of the year).
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Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches
banana pudding
Turnip Greens, very common in the South but I can't stand them

My family always called me un-american because I didn't eat banana pudding.
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I can't stand coffee! I love the aroma of a fresh pot of coffee but it will never make it to my lips!!!

Not an eggnog fan either and not too big on a lot of seafood - I'm limited there. I am not an "adventurous" (for lack of another word) person regarding new things.....or should I say exotic things. I would never even want to try rattlesnake, alligator, kangaroo tails, bear meat, etc. Cripe - I won't even eat Bambi (deer) or Thumper (rabbit) or Lambchop (lamb). I figure that there's enough other things to eat - I don't have to eat that!

Can't eat Chinese food from a Chinese restaurant without getting hives and suffering for 2 weeks - got to make it homemade.
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LOL, I have eaten alligator a few times, but it was fried as an appetizer.

You can eat most anything if it's breaded and fried! Makes me think of that childhood book, "How to Eat Fried Worms." Ha! :D