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Quote Mama Mangia wrote:
And don't forget - those stinky little plastic bags don't hold much and they don't take weight - so I always end up with a ton of them - and they could take some of them back to the store for recycling! ...

When they came out with those stinky little plastic bags, I wondered how it saved money. Those bags cost just as much as the old paper ones. But after thinking on it, I realized it was a savings of time in packing the bags. With paper bags, the cashier took time to make things fit in the bag just right. But with the plastic bags, they just heap it in and give you 10 times as many. Costs more in bag costs but less in labor costs. Of course the grocery stores will never tell you this. But if you think about it, it's the answer to why they push the plastic bag that holds 5 items over the paper bag that holds 18 items and costs the same price.
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I would like to have someone in the store following me around, carrying my groceries. I hate the carts, so I try to use the little baskets, but sometimes they are too small.

Oh wait, I already have such a person; it's my husband. ;)

That's actually not true; he does not like going to the store. But when he does go, he carries stuff.
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LOL! no wonder your husband doesn't like to go shopping !! Poor guy has to work at shopping !! LOL
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Sounds like a great business idea for you to start up. But a good point was brought up -- how would they know where to put things??
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When my kids are older, i will 'hire' them to do that for me ;).