Posted By: Twinmama 
Aug 9  # 6 of 12
I can't pick just one, but recently a friend from Manhattan brought some black-and-white cookies and WOW!! I could've spent an entire weekend eating those puppies.
 Posted By: TexasRose 
Aug 9  # 7 of 12
Vegan cookies? Wow, I can't imagine what that would taste like. How do you make a cookie without eggs and butter?
 Posted By: PoorGirl 
Aug 20  # 8 of 12
Chocolate all of the way. Especially warm with a glass of milk. MMMM!!!
 Posted By: shabs 
Aug 21  # 9 of 12
I just love chocolate cookies. And yes, coconut cookies are one of my favourites too. Yummy.
 Posted By: ButtrflyDreams 
Aug 21  # 10 of 12
I love white chocolate chip/macadamia nut cookies. They are so good!