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My l'il sister and I were shopping for school supplies w/ her kids tonight and as we sat in an ice-cream shop licking on drippy cones the subject of school lunches came up. Mom always packed our lunch-boxes when we were young- we hardly ever ate the school meals spooned-up into prison-style compartmentalized trays by hair-netted lunch-ladies... Sis and I were trying to recall some of our fav things that Mom used to pack.

Of course there were usually sandwiches, but sometimes we got other treats too like, in lieu of a sandwich we might get a tiny can of 'Vienna Sausages' with the key-pull lid, and a sleeve of saltine crackers. Or maybe a tin of sardines with crackers... We used to love it when we had something other than a basic white-bread sandwich!

What fav things were packed for you in your school lunch-box?
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Kev...I never took my lunch to school... when I was a kid.

Sardines ? eeewww ! lol...did ya eat hot sauce on em ?
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My Mom was big on p-nut butter and jelly. Our lunches were non-memorable affair:( Except there was this time Mom packed me a Gosh-Awful Liverwurst sandwich, now I already shared in another post that I gag when I eat liver of any genre, don't know why it just makes me start feeling like I have to vomit. Well this day I opened my lunch take a big bite of my sandwich and :eek: OH MY GAWD I started to gag and here I was in the lunch room and didn't want to be sick so I quickly spat that sh*t out into my napkin and took the whole sandwich squished it up as small as I cound inside this rolled up napkin and walked over to the garbage can to dispose of the filthy tasting thing...........:mad: Well who spots me :confused: Yep, Sister "Hawkeye" she's the Principal of St. Timothy's Catholic School and I was flat out red-handed BUSTED:o She goes on to tell me "I should make you unroll that wadded up sandwich and eat the entire thing, that is a waste of good food and I will not tolerate food going to waste in my lunchroom young lady"! Well my stomache lurched and big old tears rose in my eyes and I felt as big as a **** ant for breaking one of the Commandments "Thou Shalt not Waste Food" Heck I din't know it weren't true, so I stood there frozen in fear of the wrath of Sister and vowed never to get caught doing that again. She taught me a lesson in becoming sneaky and keeping on the look-out for big Nuns in Black Habits, and still I stayed in trouble with her the entire school year:D Mom and Dad gave up and sent me to Public school happily ever after all the following years! Thank God, I just know them Nuns would have done me in if I'd of had to go there even just one more year!!! And that is my most memorable school lunch ever.
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I always went home for lunch when I was in grade school. I was a campbells soup kid and would have a half of a sandwich and some Frito corn chips. I still like P.B. jelly today. I think m&m's the small snack bags both kinds are great for all ages you never out grow candy! Cookie :):D
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Yeah- I've always liked sardines, Francie- Ha! I love fish of all kinds.

Though I'm w/ Cathy on the liverwurst! I CAN handle liver occasionally- like fried beef/calves liver, pan-fried chicken livers... but liver on a cold sandwich isn't my idea of something to be chokin' down in a school lunchroom with an angry nun dressed in flowing gowns, looking over your shoulder- Hee! Dang- is it any wonder those creatures in Black put the fear a'God into kids?

And like Cookie- I can definitely do some damage to a stack of PB&J's!- especially if paired with a tall glass o'milk! They're one of the only foods that I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night having to have!