Posted By: pohto9 
Dec 28  # 36 of 40
My two favorite restaurants are Olive Garden and Zaxby's. The only resaon I like Zaxby's is because I am addicted to their sauce. Olive Garde has all the food I love, I don't think there is anythign there that I wouldn't eat.
 Posted By: medako 
Dec 28  # 37 of 40
I guess I didn't realize Olive Garden was so popular. I'm not a huge fan, but then again, maybe I just haven't ordered the right things. (and Italian isn't my favorite)
 Posted By: Angewl_73 
Dec 30  # 38 of 40
For fast food, McDonalds.

Red Lobster is my fancy restaruant. lol

Although hubby works at a pretty good restaurant.
 Posted By: r8rpwr 
Dec 30  # 39 of 40
Macaroni Grill

Those are probably my favorite chains, of course there are local places that I like even better but most people might not be familiar with those.
 Posted By: magna 
Mar 26  # 40 of 40
Well, i dont have a particular names but Pho Noodle Shops and Japanese restaurants are my top 2