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Thread: Pork Spare Ribs - St Louis Style

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    Keltin Guest

    Default Pork Spare Ribs - St Louis Style

    Here we are smoking some Pork Spare Ribs that I trimmed to St Louis style.

    I ran the ribs for 4.5 hours at 225 degrees with hickory smoke. I also “mopped” the ribs every 30 minutes. A mop in this case was a commercial spray bottle with melted butter, oil, and apple cider vinegar. A few mists every 30 minutes, and all is good.

    Put these ribs together with potato salad, baked beans, and a roll, and you have a plate full of love.

    Here’s the pictures.

    First, the rack of ribs sauced and off the smoker.

    Next, close up of the ribs with their sauce.

    Here, that rack is split.

    Next, we have a cut rib. Notice the smoke ring!!!

    Finally, we plate those smoked ribs with potato salad, baked beans, and a roll!

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    Keltin Guest


    Whoo, look at that last pic and see the smoke ring on them ribs, Sweet! That pink you see is the smoke ring. It's a beautiful thing!

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    tcinsa Guest


    Wow Keltin, those ribs are a feast for the eyes! That is a plate of love! I've never tried smoking meats but this makes me want to try. The beans and potato salad look mighty good, too. Were you celebrating something or just spoiling your DW?

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    KYHeirloomer Guest


    Nobody likes a show-off, Keltin.

    That's a real pretty plate. I notice you told us after the fact, hoping we wouldn't all turn up at your table.

    Tcinsa: Really? Never smoked meats? You poor deprived creature! Maybe that should be the next topic at the cooking school?

    How'd you make out breaking down chicken?

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    Keltin Guest


    Thanks TC and KYH! I wasn’t celebrating anything, just got a wild hair to use the smoker. I’ve been using the outdoor DO a lot here lately, and I think the smoker was feeling neglected….but obviously it still loves me. LOL!

    KYH, that is an excellent idea for the next school topic! There is a lot that could be said in that. Very good idea!

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    tcinsa Guest


    I have a gas grill so I think I'd need to buy a smoker, right? OK, I'm going to read everything in the smoking section so I can get some sense of what's involved.

    I haven't broken down any chickens yet, KY. I ended up helping people move this weekend and having house guests that will be here through Tuesday. But I'm set for chickens - 6 in the freezer ready to go.

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    KYHeirloomer Guest


    Sorry to hear that all those chix already are in the freezer.

    Don't forget that once poultry is defrosted you do not want to refreeze it unless it's been cooked. So as you take those birds out you'll have to use them up.

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    gacherokee2002 Guest


    Keltin....Try basting your ribs with a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil. Baste them every time you turn them. gacherokee..

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    muffin Guest

    Thumbs down

    Diid you use any sauce or rub on these Ribs or only the mop spray?


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    great looking meal


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