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Thread: The Corning of the Beef begins today!

  1. Default The Corning of the Beef begins today!

    Or tomorrow if you are celebrating St. Pattys day on Monday, where most of us who are having a party, are doing it on the 16th (Sunday).

    The recipe I use takes 8 days so it has to be in by tomorrow.

    I bought 21 lbs. of brisket today at a pretty decent price ($2.49 lb.) and just finished getting all the brine (tripled the recipe) and the beef in the fridge.

    I am already getting excited and this near 50 degree weather in NY is making it worse!

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    Hi Jafo,

    21 lbs. WOW! You must throw one BIG party!!! I am going to give this a try so thanks for the reminder to get it started today!


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    Here is the wrap up of last years party:

    Jeffs Recipes Recap: Jeff’s St. Patty’s Day Party


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