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Thread: Kmart Martha Stewart Ceramic Coated Cast Iron

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    Angry Kmart Martha Stewart Ceramic Coated Cast Iron

    Bought a 5 quart dutch oven and a 3 1/2 quart ceramic coated cast iron pot there a few weeks ago. They were on clearance. The ceramic on the dutch oven just broke all to pieces on the inside bottom while I was making soup! First and last time I buy Martha Stewart. Of course since they were on clearance I cannot return it. Even on sale it was still $31! Originally it was like $75...for useless garbage. I am very careful with my cookware. I have a Target 5 quart coated dutch oven that is about 5 years old and is still in fine shape. I wonder when the little 3 1/2 quart pot will come apart?

    Her items for higher end stores may be better quality but stay away from the Kmart stuff!
    I lost the $31 I paid for the pot plus an entire pot of Italian wedding soup I was making to send to my sick nieces. I am so angry.
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    anything with her name on it is no good - I don't like her or any of her products - sorry it happened to you

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    I will never ever buy anything with her name on it again. I spent about $50 on those two pots and they are junk.

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    so sorry to hear that - I don't even trust her recipes - besides - she won't tell the truth of where she is from - she is originally from Buffalo - her mother used to shop at the Broadway market all the time - but martha won't tell anyone about it - most of her recipes are stolen from others - she is pathetic and so are her products

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    I've had my own brush with Miss Stewart from when I lived up north. Let's just say a word that rhymes with witch

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    Janie, are you sure you can't get credit?? It's not like you just decided to exchange it, then the clearance factor fits, but the product failed.

    I would think the store (K-Mart?) would make good on it???? Hope you haven't thrown it out???


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    Geesh Janie sorry to hear that! Darn waste of good food too!!! Thanks so much for letting us know though! I often wondered about those ceramic over cast iron products! I'll bet the cast iron just gets too hot and it cracks the ceramic, probably does the same with the enamel ones too!

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    I don't buy celebrity branded anything. It's all marketing hype and usually the product is overpriced garbage. Sorry about your soup Janie, that really sucks. I'd try to return it anyway since it was a product failure.

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    They wouldnt take it back. I called them.
    I was reading this morning where they have recalled a bunch of Paula Deen cast iron because of it shattering. I honestly think you do better when buying items without brand names. I was able to get my sis and her kids another pot of soup made by the time her hubby came by to get it. He had to wait about 20 minutes while I finished and packed it up. My sis and her two little girls have really bad colds right now. What teally ticked me off was I had used homemade stock in the first pot of soup which was ruined. To make the second pot I had to use chicken boullion cubes

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    don't toss the pan - hold on to it just in case - they may be recalling them - contact some agencies - you'd be surprised - they may have gotten other complaints


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