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Thread: Brines - Do you rinse the turkey?

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    Default Brines - Do you rinse the turkey?

    I have seen a lot of Thanksgiving specials on FN this weekend. I noticed most off them didnt rinse of the brines. I cannot imagine not rinsing the salt off my turkey after it has been brined. So many of them use enormous amounts of salt anyway. On their special tonight they used a brine with a pound of kosher salt in it.

    My family grew up eating way to much salt. Mom was very heavy with the salt use. I season our food well but nothing like what Mom used to. My brother's food looks like it is covered with snow he salts so heavily. When I married Jon I was as bad as my brother when it came to salting my food until I got an ulcer. I couldnt eat it for a year and a half. When I was able to season my food again I did it sensibly. My sister and her husband dont even eat salt. She still has problems with her blood pressure. My father in law and brother in law dont eat hardly any salt at all. I have to be careful when seasoning the holiday meals for my inlaws and husband I do it with a light hand. Where they do not eat much of it they can really taste it in their food.

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    I too love salt. However, due to a heart condition, I can't touch the stuff any more. I am learning to cook without it. You can use a substitute, such as No-Salt, which is basically Potassium Chloride. It has a bitterness that mimics salt but some say it has an unpleasant aftertaste. Never hurts to try it but some people need to restrict that also so you may want to check with your Doctor first. As your taste gets used to the absense of salt you will finding yourself craving other spice type foods. Garlic will be increased. Vinegar and any mustard product also. I have gotten to where I eat very spicy to make up for it.

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    I've written a T-Day cookbook if anyone wants it - and it covers some turkey issues.

    Brines should be rinsed off - don't forget - the foods prepared like that on the FN get tossed out.

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    I always rinse of my brine. I was shocked to see them take theirs right out of the brine then dry then off and pop them in the oven.


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