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Thread: St. Patty's Day 2010

  1. Default St. Patty's Day 2010

    Had a lot of fun last year at our party and are planning basically the same menu. The only thing I am doing different is I bought the brisket about 2 weeks ago and froze it. It is really hard to get fresh brisket around here near St. Patty's day because they are all making it into corned beef. I plan on thawing it out in the fridge on Tuesday, and start the "corning" on Friday.

    I used to use a couple big pots to brine the meat in, but the party has gotten so large now, that I have to make almost 100 pounds of corned beef so I bought a big plastic tote at the store that will fit in the fridge and will brine all of them in that. I hope there is nothing unforeseen doing that. I doubt it will matter.

    Are you all planning anything?

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    Well in NY for St. Patrick's day they are enforcing rules regarding consuming alcohol. Now how on earth are you going to enjoy St. Patrick's Day without some alcohol, the bars are going to hurt badly!

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    news to me - I'm in NY - didn't hear that one - the bars are ready to dye the beer green again!

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    NY here and getting ready to die my liver green too..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jafo232 View Post
    NY here and getting ready to die my liver green too..


    I am sure that Scubalaydee is talking about NY City trying to curb the excesses of some in the city getting a little tooo rowdy during their celebrating! It is a sad thing when folks have to be threatened with another "prohibition" in order to behave themselves!

    Scubalaydee personally I would opt to stay home & party big time right in the comfort of my own space as Jafo does and then>>>>ya ain't gotta worry in da world 'bout nutin' honey!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to one and all!!!

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    Yes I will do just that

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    I took the brisket out of the freezer today and put it in the fridge. Should be ready to brine on Friday.

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    Today I began the corning of the beef:

    Jeffs Recipes Today Begins The Corning Of The Beef

    Well, that is basically the same way I do it..

    We have about 70-80 pounds of brisket that when I got done filling the tote with meat and brine I realized I could not move it without a chance of the thing crumbling. It must have weighed about 150 pounds. Well I strapped a big cutting board to the bottom of it and me and one of the boys moved it into the garage fridge. Next year, we do it ALL in the garage lol..

    EEE, so excited!!!

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    Oh and BTW, may I recommend the perfect St. Patty's day movie: "The Quiet Man" - 1952, Maureen O'Hara and John Wayne.. For those of you who have not seen it, remember the scene in ET where that movie on the TV showed the two people kissing and then Elliot did the same thing in class? Well this is that movie.

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    Here is a link to a clip from that movie..

    YouTube - The Quiet Man-1952 She Can Talk


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