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Thread: Fair season

  1. Default Fair season

    Many of the country fairs are here and everyone loves to go to the fair.

    With so many different food vendors - what is your favorite fair food?

    What about some funnel cakes -

    3 eggs, beaten
    2 cups milk
    1/4 cup granulated sugar
    4 cups flour, sifted
    2 teaspoons baking powder
    1/2 teaspoon salt

    To beaten eggs, add milk and sugar.

    In separate bowl sift dry ingredients. Add to egg mixture, beating until smooth.

    Heat oil to 375° and pour batter into hot fat through a regular household funnel. Control the flow of batter by holding your finger over the bottom of the funnel. Make patterns, designs, swirls or whatever with the stream of batter as it flows into the hot fat. When "cakes" are golden brown, drain, sprinkle with confectioners' sugar and serve warm.

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    Salt Water Taffy

    * 2 cups sugar
    * 1 1/2 cups water
    * 1 cup white corn syrup
    * 1 teaspoon salt
    * 1/2 teaspoon glycerin (can be purchased at a ********)
    * Flavoring extract:
    * 1 teaspoon peppermint oil extract = Peppermint Taffy
    * 1 teaspoon vanilla extract = Vanilla Taffy
    * 1 teaspoon banana extract = Banana Taffy
    * 7 drops food coloring
    * 2 tablespoons butter

    * Mix sugar, water, corn syrup, salt, and glycerin in a heavy saucepan. Bring to a boil and cook to a temperature of 258 degrees F.
    * Remove from heat and let stand for two to three minutes. Then add flavor extract, color and butter and stir vigorously until butter is melted. Pour into buttered cookie sheet.
    * Cool until lukewarm taffy can be handled.
    * Begin to stretch and fold over and over until taffy turns paler in color, about 10 minutes. You may find this easier to do with a small amount of butter or oil on your hands.
    * Roll taffy into long rope. Cut into individual pieces and wrap in wax paper.

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    Deep Fried Cheese Curds

    Vegetable oil (for frying)*
    1 egg, beaten
    1 tablespoon vegetable oil
    1 cup milk or beer
    1 cup all-purpose flour
    1 teaspoon sugar
    1/4 teaspoon salt
    1 teaspoon baking powder
    1 (9-ounce) package fresh cheese curds, room temperature

    * Use enough vegetable oil to completely cover cheese curds while frying.

    In a deep fryer or large pot, heat vegetable oil (375 degrees to 385 degrees

    In a medium bowl, combine egg, 1 tablespoon vegetable oil, and milk or beer
    until well blended. Add flour, sugar, salt, and baking powder; mix until
    smooth. Drop cheese curds in batter. Using a spoon, turn cheese curds to
    coat thoroughly.

    A few at a time, drop the coated curds into the hot oil; fry approximately 1
    minute or until brown and puffed, turning to coat all sides (do not
    overcook, or the cheese curds will begin to melt and ooze through the
    coating. Remove from hot oil and drain on paper towels. Allow fried cheese
    curds to cool a couple of minutes before eating.

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    Deep-Fried Clams

    4 cups shucked clams
    1/2 cup milk
    1/2 cup cold water
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    3/4 cup finely ground yellow corn flour
    1/3 cup all-purpose flour
    1/4 teaspoon onion powder
    Salt and pepper, to taste
    Cooking oil

    Rinse then drain clams.
    Mix together milk, cold water and salt into a large bowl before adding clams.
    Refrigerate for several hours.
    Into a deep-fryer or a large casserole, preheat some cooking oil to 365°F [185°C].
    Well mix together all-purpose flour, fine corn flour and onion powder into a shallow dish.
    Drain clams briefly before dipping in mixture.
    Deep-fry coated clams, a few at a time, into hot oil until golden brown but not crisp.
    Do not add too many at once because as it would lower the temperature too quickly.
    Drain onto clean paper towels; season at once with salt and pepper, while still hot.
    Serve immediately, really hot.

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    Easy Churros

    •RHODES brand Dinner Rolls, thawed but still cold
    •4 cups canola oil
    •1 cup sugar
    •1 teaspoon cinnamon

    1.Roll each roll into a thin 26-inch-long rope.
    2.Roll each end in opposite directions three or four times.
    3.Pick up each end and pinch together.
    4.The churro will twist together.
    5.Heat oil in a deep skillet to 350°.
    6.Place churros in oil and fry about 2 minutes or until light golden brown.
    7.Remove from oil and drain on paper towels.
    8.Combine sugar and cinnamon in a one gallon resealable bag and shake until well combined.
    9.Place warm churros, one at a time, in bag and shake until well coated

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    Deep-Fried Twinkies

    6 Twinkies
    Popsicle sticks
    4 cups vegetable oil
    Flour for dusting
    1 cup milk
    2 tablespoons vinegar
    1 Tablespoon oil
    1 cup flour
    1 teaspoon baking powder
    1/2 teaspoon salt

    1. Chill or freeze Twinkies for several hours or overnight.
    2. Heat 4 cups vegetable oil in deep fryer to about 375 degrees.
    3. Mix together milk, vinegar and oil.
    4. In another bowl, blend flour, baking powder and salt.
    5. Whisk wet ingredients into dry and continue mixing until smooth.
    Refrigerate while oil heats.
    6. Push stick into Twinkie lengthwise, leaving about 2 inches to use as
    a handle, dust with flour and dip into the batter. Rotate Twinkie until
    batter covers entire cake.
    7. Place carefully in hot oil. The Twinkie will float, so hold it under
    with a utensil to ensure even browning. It should turn golden in 3 to 4
    minutes. Depending on the size of your deep fryer, you might be able to
    fry only one at a time, two at the most.
    8. Remove Twinkie to paper towel and let drain. Remove stick and allow
    Twinkie to sit for about 5 minutes before serving.

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    Deep Fried Cheesy Risotto-on-a-Stick

    3 T butter
    1 ea yellow onion (fine dice)
    1# arborio rice
    2T chopped garlic
    1c white wine
    3 to 4 c boiling water
    2 # smoked mozzarella (small dice)
    1 c grated parmesan
    2 T chopped Italian parsley
    1 T chopped chives
    to taste salt and pepper
    2 c flour
    2 ea eggs
    2 c milk
    4 to 6 panko Japanese style bread crumbs

    Sauté onions in butter on medium low heat in medium sauce pan until onions are translucent. Add rice stirring for 3-5 minutes until rice is slightly toasted. Add garlic. Cook with rice for 1-2 minutes. Add wine, cook stirring until wine is absorbed. Add water ˝ c. at a time. Keep adding water until rice is cooked through. Rely on texture rather than amount of water.
    Spread on cookie pan. Cool.
    Mix chilled rice with cheeses, herbs, salt and pepper. Form mixture around candy apple stick. Dust each with flour, dip in egg wash and roll in bread crumbs. Deep fry in 350 degree vegetable oil, until golden brown. Serve with Jakeeno's famous red sauce.

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    1 cup sifted flour
    1 teaspoon salt
    3/4 cup cold water
    1/4 teaspoon baking powder
    4 Mars or other caramel covered candy bars
    Shortening or oil for frying

    Mix flour, salt, and water until smooth, cover, and let stand at room temperature 20 to 30 minutes. Stir baking powder into batter. Place shortening or oil in a deep fat fryer, insert thermometer, and begin heating over high heat. Dip candy bars into batter, allowing excess to drain off. Fry at 375* F. until golden and crisp. Drain on paper toweling.


    1 cup plain flour
    1/2 cup cornflour
    1 pinch baking soda
    Milk or beer

    Chill chocolate bars by keeping in the fridge, but don't freeze it. Mix flours and baking soda. Add milk (traditional) or beer (which gives a lighter result) until you get a batter with consistency of thin cream. Insert popsicle stick halfway into candy. Coat completely in batter. Carefully lower into hot oil and fry until golden brown.

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    Snickers candy bars
    Funnel cake mix
    Oil for deep frying

    Push popsicle sticks into Snickers bar from the bottom about half way up. Freeze Snickers until frozen solid. Dip frozen Snickers into batter. Fry in hot oil until golden brown (just a few minutes). Remove from oil and drain. Top with powdered sugar or caramel sauce if desired.

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    Take whole pickles and quarter them. Combine cornmeal and flour in plate. Beat egg and milk in bowl. Dip pickle in egg mixture then in flour mixture. Put in hot oil. Fry 3 -5 minutes. Dip in Ranch dressing.


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