How To Broil Meat

Tips for Broiling Meats

 Tips for Broiling Meats

Tender meats like beef steaks, and lamb chops are good for broiling. This is because they don't need the extra cooking time need by the tougher cuts of meats. Always pre-heat electric broilers for 10 minutes before using. Gas broilers can be used immediately.

To prevent meats from curling as they cook, score the edges of the steaks or chops about 1/4 inch deep every 1 inch around the steak or chop.

While you should always remove all visible fat from any meat before cooking (there is always fat in the meat so don't be concerned about dry meats) this is especially true when broiling to reduce chance of fire. Remember, the broiler will be cooking these meats fats under high heat so reducing the amount of fat that builds in the broiler pan is important.

Place meat on the middle of the broiler rack. Position the rack about 3" below the burner or heating element. Cook meats until well browned on one side, then turn an cook the other side. Check for doneness. Watch the broiled meat closely as it's cooking very fast and 1 minute extra can destroy the best meals. Only turn the steak or chops one time only.

Remove meat from broiler, and cut to check for doneness. If not done, return to broiler and cook a little longer.

When done, move meats to serving platter, and then season to taste.

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