Posted By: rt49andellis 
Sep 14  # 1 of 8
What the heck are capers? Where do I find them in the store? Are they in a jar? Can? Vegetable area??
 Posted By: simcooks 
Oct 24  # 2 of 8
I've seen Rachel Ray use pickled capers as a seasoning with salmon. Capers are dark olive green in color. Comes in a small jar (from what I see in Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals).

Have never bought/used them, but maybe you can try the same section as the olives?
 Posted By: honeypsweet 
Oct 25  # 3 of 8
They are by the olives.. at least at my store. They are flower buds of some kind. I think they are always pickled. Pretty tasty.
 Posted By: Paprika 
Dec 13  # 4 of 8
Yeah they are flower buds found in a jar. Ive had them once but I dont like them at all! I dont know what it is but something about the taste makes me sick. :o
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
Dec 14  # 5 of 8
All my life I called them "fish eyes" - don't particularly care for them myself. Yes I know they are green flower buds - but to me they look like fish eyes and that alone is a total turnoff.