Posted By: Mrs. Chipotle 
Jul 30  # 1 of 5
As you might imagine from my username, I am a big fan of chipotles.

The hot, smoky flavor is just amazing on most anything. Grilled meats especially. I love chipotle sauces and marinades.

They pack a lot of heat, so you have to like spicy foods, but if you do, you will LOVE chipotles!

However, I find that they are not the easiest thing to find. Many grocery stores don't carry them - I have no idea why. Oddly, the best place I have found to get them around here is Super Target.
 Posted By: r8rpwr 
Aug 2  # 2 of 5
I love chipotles too. Being from Texas, I'm not afraid of a little heat! (Or a lot).

The smokiness is key to their flavor. There is nothing quite like it.
 Posted By: Paprika 
Jan 7  # 3 of 5
Ive only had chipotles once but I love anything with a bit of bite. I cant seem to find it anywhere in the supermarkets here in Australia though :confused:
 Posted By: pinkperson 
Feb 7  # 4 of 5
I am curious about this chipotles. I have not seen and taste one. Im interested. Mrs. Chipotle, can you share me some photos or more information about this? I love eating hot and chili food. Im just not that sure if we have this kind here in our country.
 Posted By: sweetnsour 
Mar 4  # 5 of 5
Here in Baltimore, though I don't usually find them at the grocery stores, they are still pretty much accessible as I can find them at the farmer's market every Saturday. I really enjoy the spicy flavor it adds and the aroma too.