Posted By: Worker Bee 
Aug 29  # 1 of 10
We've just begun to do so and it's a much better product. I use the atachment on my KitchenAid mixer.
 Posted By: TexasRose 
Aug 29  # 2 of 10
Hmmm, I have not tried this. However, I do have the KA mixer so I could get the attachment.
 Posted By: Kaabi 
Aug 29  # 3 of 10
I've been known to occasionally grind my own spices. Not often, though, it's only a little cheaper than buying it.
 Posted By: deelip 
Aug 30  # 4 of 10
I never do that.
My mom cooks everything so i need not to do that.
I cook very few occasion like if mom is not in home. My sister does that at that time.
 Posted By: Twinmama 
Aug 31  # 5 of 10
Pepper is about the only thing we DIY here. ;)