Posted By: Kay1018 
Sep 12  # 1 of 47
what do you prefer? isnt home cooking just so much better though? I used to eat out almost daily until i became a mom and im enjoying cooking and learning about new foods and such.
 Posted By: TexasRose 
Sep 12  # 2 of 47
I try to eat in as much as possible; I love to cook and it sure is hard on your budget eating out all the time. Plus, the more you cook the better you get at it. It's hard with my commute to cook every night but I try to be creative and do quick things, do some pre-prep and shopping, use the crock pot, and of course rely on hubby to grill!

However, we do enjoy a nice relaxing meal out so we do that once a week or so.
 Posted By: BensMom 
Sep 13  # 3 of 47
Often when DH and I go out we thinkg we could have made this for a lot less! We are only happy when we go to a very nice place.
 Posted By: phoenyxstarr 
Sep 13  # 4 of 47
I prefer home-cooking myself... I just wish someone could come cook for me some days. Especially now that I'm pregnant, it seems like a lot of foods make me sick to my stomach just from their smells.

We don't eat out that often, maybe once a month. We do order pizza about once a month too... So if you count both of those, we 'go out' to eat every 2 weeks. Which is about how often hubby gets paid.
 Posted By: rt49andellis 
Sep 14  # 5 of 47
I'm about the same as phoenyxstarr. We generally get a pizza every 2 weeks. Other than that, we rarely eat out. Paying for 6 at a restaurant can get QUITE expensive.

But the answer the question - I PREFER to eat out! I really do hate to cook. But... it's my job....