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This isn't a recipe but I just had to share it. I've done it myself and it's perfect for people who have space limitations.

An indoor herb garden in a bag is a unique way to have fresh greens at your disposal all year long. It also makes a great conversation piece. Here's how to grow one of your own.

* The best bag to use for the hanging herb garden is a drawstring-type plastic bag that has been folded and taped to make an eight- by 16-inch (20- by 40-centimetre) rectangular shape.

* Fill the bag with a mixture of equal parts sterilized soil and peat moss. Using a marker, place inverted Vs on the front of the bag in the spots where you want the plants. One bag can hold up to four vertical rows of two.

* Use a sharp knife to cut out the marked areas, then pull the plastic open slightly to reveal a space in the soil. Place 10 to 12 seeds in each space and press them firmly in the soil.

* Virtually any variety of herb can be grown this way. Tall varieties such as chives and thyme should be placed at the bottom, while shorter herbs such as parsley and basil are best placed near the top.

* Water the garden through the top of the bag.

* Hang your garden by the drawstrings in a sunny window or under artificial lighting.

* The plants will grow out of the openings in about four weeks and be ready to start harvesting in six to eight weeks.
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I will definitely look for freeze-dried herbs at the store next time!
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