Posted By: alice.b.toklas 
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I like to use ground turkey and ground chicken in Mexican dishes like tacos and burritos. Turkey and chicken meats don't have much taste, so the seasoning in the Mexicans foods makes up for that lack of flavor. Chicken tacos are common, and the ones I've seen around are usually made with shredded cooked chicken. But it's a lot easier to make chicken tacos with a package of lean ground chicken.
 Posted By: GregGraves 
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Quote Mrs. Chipotle wrote:
.... I did notice, however, that the fat content is actually less in the lowest-fat ground beef. Of course, that stuff is expensive. ;)

I always take a piece of good paper toweling like Viva and soak up all of the grease out of any ground meats when I cook. The meat companies are all out to make a buck, and there is always that temptation to make more. So instead of tossing out the fat, a lot of times it gets tossed in. I'd rather have them add water since that would just boil off (like you see with a lot of ground beef)
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I've been buying quite a bit of ground turkey lately. I discovered it in bulk at Sam's Club, so I will just buy a large amount and freeze it in one-pound sections. Then I can just thaw the exact amount I need.

I have to say we can't tell the difference in taste.
 Posted By: Kaabi 
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I guarentee I could tell the difference between ground turket and beef. I am like your husband though, as I will like something but then immediately discard it if I find out there's an ingredient in it I don't like.
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I like ground turkey and ground beef. I use both and am able to tell the difference in things like burgers, but in dishes like cassaroles, etc, it is a little harder to tell. I cant remember what brand it was, but the store I go to has Turkey meatballs. I swear to you, they taste EXACTLY like the meatballs that Subway uses for their meatball sub. I make my own subs with them and save money.