Posted By: sweetnsour 
Mar 4  # 1 of 11
I have chicken, peppers, onions and mushroom and a lot of mozarella cheese.
I guess spices - oregano, paprika, pepper
That's all and I want to know if I can make a tasty pizza tonight and if yes, how should I cook the chicken?
I have made veggie pizza in the past but never a chicken pizza yet.
Please guide me.
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
Mar 4  # 2 of 11
Well - to begin with - you need to cook your chicken! Leftover chicken is great for pizza - but it has to be cooked first - whether you pan-fry or roast, cook in a crockpot - whatever - its' up to you.

Many chicken pizzas use BBQ sauce in place of the pizza sauce. Make as you would any pizza - and if you wanted to you could use regular pizza sauce as well.

Chicken pizza is also made using alfredo sauce - so the choice is yours!

Dont' be afraid to experiment - but please cook the chicken first!
 Posted By: medako 
Mar 5  # 3 of 11
Mama's right - as long as the chicken is cooked before putting it on the pizza, it's up to you how to prepare it. I usually boil mine and then chop it up really fine and sprinkle it over the pizza instead of using bigger chunks, but that's obviously up to you.

I sometimes make a BBQ chicken pizza that's pretty good too. I spread on some bbq sauce, chicken and then use cheddar or colby cheese instead of mozz.
 Posted By: spicekit 
Mar 5  # 4 of 11
If you want you can leave out the pizza sauce and use garlic and olive oil on the pizza base. Of course, you have to cook the chicken first no matter what way you want to make it.
 Posted By: sweetnsour 
Mar 5  # 5 of 11
Well, these options sound good.
I got it. The most important thing is to cook the chicken, right?
Will do that. Do I need to also cook the vegetables in advance?