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what do I do with it??

I have about half a gallon of nacho cheese sauce and I have no idea how to use it. We won't eat it as nachos, so I'm just clueless. Any ideas (other than with chicken in a crock pot, I've already done that)
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
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Did you ever make a taco pizza and spread some on top - then top with salsa, olives green onions.......

Did you ever cook up some noodles or rice and add some for a mac or rice and cheese?

How about veggies topped with some?

My friend's kids love it on cheeseburgers, hotdogs and have even used it for grilled cheese!

Dip fresh hot pretzels straight from the oven or regular pretzel sticks!

Mix with salsa or with chili (optional with chili - onions, chiles, chopped tomatoes) for a good dip.

Use as a dip for hot breadsticks fresh from the oven (any roll/biscuit recipe would work).

Make a meatloaf - pat half in the pan - spread some down the middle of the meat - not to the edges - then pat the rest of the meat on top. You can do the same with hamburgers/cheeseburgers.

Ground beef, nacho cheese sauce and taco seasoning - nice dip!

How about a baked potato topper with broccoli and/or bacon - or plain?

A dip for french fries.

Spread on flour tortillas, top with cooked, crumbled meat or leftover meat, veggies, etc. and roll.

Spoon over enchiladas, burritos, tacos (lay them in a baking dish and spoon a bit of sauce over) bake until heated through.

Spoon over omelets.

Breakfast burritos.

Breakfast sandwiches with eggs, ham, etc.
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talk about a wealth of information!
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nawwww - just gotta use a little imagination!