Posted By: honeylemon 
Mar 5  # 1 of 13
Lots of food can be cooked better when soaked for some time before cooking. This seems to reduce the cooking time considerable.
I usually soak beans (lima/red/black-eyed etc) overnight and rice for about an hour or 30 minutes for rice dishes. What are the things that you soak before cooking?
 Posted By: sweetnsour 
Mar 5  # 2 of 13
I always soak long-grained rice before making fried rice for almost an hour.
I also soak chick peas and some lentils at times.
You are right it helps soften things and also reduces the cooking time.
 Posted By: spicekit 
Mar 13  # 3 of 13
I usually don't soak anything because most of the things I cook don't need soaking. The only thing I guess would be small red onions in vinegar. :)
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
Mar 13  # 4 of 13
soaking can also include marinating as well - that infuses great flavor into meats, veggies, etc. - chicken soaked in buttermilk gives great flavor as well (for instance)
 Posted By: medako 
Mar 14  # 5 of 13
I hadn't ever thought of chicken in buttermilk. That might be something different to give a try sometime soon.