Posted By: Raquelita 
Sep 1  # 1 of 8
You can do this with almost any recipe . . .

Peel and freeze ripe bananas. (If you don't have time, you can skip the freezing, but freezing makes them even more sweet). Puree them in a blender or food processor, adding a tablespoon or two of water, if necessary.

You can use the above mixture as a substitue (cup for cup) for sugar in almost any baked good--cakes, cookies, brownies, quick breads. For every cup of sugar that you replace with the banana mixture, add 5-6 tablespoons of flour.

Your recipe will have a banana flavor, but not overpowering. You can use half banana and half honey if you want to decrease the banana flavor. It makes everything very moist.
 Posted By: muslgrl 
Sep 1  # 2 of 8
wow what a neat idea. I'll have to try that
 Posted By: Kaabi 
Sep 2  # 3 of 8
I think I'll stick with the sugar, I'm not exactly diabetic.
 Posted By: TexasRose 
Sep 2  # 4 of 8
That's a great idea, and I love bananas, so what better excuse to use them?

Plus I have a bunch of them in my freezer already.
 Posted By: Paprika 
Jan 7  # 5 of 8
Fruit is a much better source of sugar. Fructose is much better for you than normal sugar. Great tip Ill have to try it, I eat alot of bananas anyway! :)