Posted By: sarahlorrain 
Jan 17  # 1 of 6
It was a long time after I first saw turkey bacon before I would even try it. And now, I actually like it better than regular! What do you think of it?
 Posted By: cookingmasterboi 
Jan 17  # 2 of 6
Turkey Bacon hasn't reached these parts yet but I wouldn't say no to giving it a try. Doesn't sound revolting to me or whatever :D
 Posted By: ChristineP 
Jan 17  # 3 of 6
I have never tried turkey bacon but I have tried turkey burgers. They are very yummy. I need to look for turkey bacon at the store and try it.
 Posted By: Barkely 
Jan 18  # 4 of 6
I like turkey bacon. I usually use it instead of regular bacon, especially in recipes. I have also had turkey burgers, and turkey ham. I like them all.
 Posted By: medako 
Jan 18  # 5 of 6
We seem to like turkey bacon a little better because it's less fatty. It's great as a BLT :)