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mama- I took a class in high school called "Advanced Foods". Our teacher- Mrs. Drema Lange made this incredible dessert she called "Amish Baked Apple Pudding". It was like a heavy, dense cinnamony bread pudding w/ chunks of sour apple in it- then a homemade vanilla pudding atop it all, then a nutty brown-sugary streusel on top of that. It was chilled then spooned-up and boy, was it ever good. I have no idea if it was really "Amish" or not, but it didn't matter to me- IT WAS GOOOOOD! :)
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
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I love Amish cooking! I'll dig up my recipe for that apple pudding and post it.

BTW - In order to post a coment on my blog you need to join it - this way I don't have all sorts of creepie characters spamming me on the blogs.
And my tags are called LABELS - and if you click on a label - all the recipes for that label should come up.
Heck - I'm still learning..........
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Mama, It was graet to nget into your family kitchen blog. You're doing a great job.
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Thank you IC and thank you for the compliment. I did fix the labels on both - now if you click on a label you will see the recipes.
And I started another one - it should be up in a day or two