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When I was in highschool of course I took Home Ec class. I remember the teacher drilling into our heads you never get mayonnaise hot. Now I find all kind of recipes where mayo is one of the cooking ingredients. I still find it hard to incorporate that into my way of thinking lol.
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
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I feel the same way. But then again - today's mayos are so overprocessed and different there is a chance it's fine. One thing is for certain - NEVER put mayo in the microwave!

When Burger King makes a Whopper - the meat is removed from the holding bin (that it where the meat ends up after it falls off the broiling chain) and placed on the heel of the bun; then placed in the microwave to heat through and make hot - while the burger is in the microwave, the crown is dressed with mayo - when the burger comes out of the microwave they put the ketchup, pickle, etc. on the burger and place the crown on top. NEVER do they put the "mayoed" top in the microwave.
 Posted By: Cook Chatty Cathy 
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You can cook with mayonaise, such as mayonaise biscuits... etc! But what the reference to getting mayo hot not let mayo sit at room temp (thus getting hot) as it will make you sick as a dog. Also once it is referigerated it should not come to room temp and then be returned to the fridge, that is dangerous, better to throw it out if you forget to put it back in the fridge. I have been the sickest I ever was from mayo that I was served at a JC Penney's restaurant years ago, both my Sis-In-Law and I got deathly ill, and we were the only two who ate mayo on our burgers. The mayo had obviously gone bad. That is why sandwiches in the summer time lunch box should have a ice pak to help keep the sandwich cool (if it contains mayo), and salads that contain mayo should not be left out very long in the heat of summer, it can and will spoil and folks will get sick!

But cooking with mayo is fine! Do not let it worry you!;)
 Posted By: The Ironic Chef 
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I love crab cakes and my recipe uses Mayonnaise as the binder to hold the crab together for dredging into the bread crumbs.
Ky suggested substituting Tuna in a crab recipe so I am looking forwards to trying tuna cakes.
 Posted By: chubbyalaskagriz 
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Like Cathy and IC mention, I have recipes that call for mayo as an ingredient that are then cooked, like crabcakes, or the Hellmann's Chocolate Cake recipe... but like mama and others, when eating chilled foods w/ mayo as a dressing or binding ingredient, I'm always conscientious of making sure it's well-chilled, like potato salad and others.