Posted By: Ashworth3715 
Jul 18  # 1 of 7
is only in your head you have never written it down? Like something you have seen your mother do a hundred times. Well i'll share my example to help make my question a little bit clearer.

I have this delicious potato salad recipe but i make it by taste not by doing measurements or reading a recipe; and it turns out extremely delicious everytime. I tried making the recipe for it but when i do it; it never turns out right. Anyone else have this experience?
 Posted By: Traciray 
Jul 24  # 2 of 7
Pasta Salad, I have one recipe that I make over and over again but I just end up tossing thing in and never measuring I've made it so much.
 Posted By: Twinmama 
Jul 27  # 3 of 7
Me too on the pasta salad (which I ripped off from a friend years ago) involving farfalle, grape tomatoes, hearts of palm, mushrooms, flaked tuna, diced artichoke hearts, and balsamic vinegar. I don't always get it right, though, and my husband is always quick to tell me 'this isn't your best version of this." Thanks, hon!
 Posted By: Raquelita 
Aug 25  # 4 of 7
French toast, vegetable sautees, and oatmeal (with fixin's) are three i never write down and don't have a reference for.
 Posted By: rt49andellis 
Aug 30  # 5 of 7
french toast, lasagna, meatloaf, spaghetti ... pretty much anything having to do with pasta I just start sticking stuff in the pan