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this Christmas? And what type gift would that be? And why would you give it to that particular person?

As for me I have been looking high and low for over 5 yrs. now for a Schlotsky's Deli so that I could purchase a bottle of their Hot Sauce I LOVE it!!! Well now all these yrs. later I am engaged to a man that is a lover of Hot Sauces, and I just learned where there is a Schlotsky's located 1 hr. from where I live. And a co-worker of mine drives by it every day now and he has promised to pick me up 2 bottles, and yep you guessed it my finace will be getting Hot Sauce for one of his Christmas gifts:D I am so happy to have found it!!!! My granddaughter and I used to eat this brand Hot Sauce on everything, you should have seen her and I sitting on the couch eating Schlotsky's Deli Hot Sauce on Corn Dogs, Popcorn, and just about anything we were snacking on, and she was only 2 yrs old at the time:) I know I am raising her right:D;):D
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I am also going to give my daughter a very nifty box filled with her favorite chocolates!
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Yes I will be giving food as gifts. Pies to be correct....My son loves pecan pie so I'm baking one for him and one each to several others who are elderly that I Check on from time to time.
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Food gifts are great, Cath! I enjoy both giving and receiving them! I pass out fudge every year. Like you (isn't the Tuesday Morning Store a GREAT place?) I pick-up neat boxes throughout the year and fill them with small-cubes of walnut and peanut-butter fudge and give to family & friends.

A couple years back I found these awesome little glass and wooden cheese domes almost FREE- on clearance from Crate & Barrel, so I gave half-versions (half pound) of several cheese balls to folks. They were well recieved and fun to do!

I also love Schlotsky's Deli! We have several here in our area... along w/ Jimmy John's Sandwich Shop. MMMM!
 Posted By: jfain 
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I made a big batch of chex mix to put in individual mugs for my employees. I don't have the money to buy them all something so I thought it would be very personal and just as well liked if I made something. They seemed to like it since they ate it all right away.

For my Mother I will have a selection of gluten free cookies in her stocking. She doesn't bake and she can't eat the ones with wheat. I still want her to have all the normal things that people do at Christmas.