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Long ago and far away our prefered cookware was the stainless steel Revereware. It was a sturdy, durable high quality product, that worked very well for its time. This was the time when teflon cookware was around, but didn't last very long before the Teflon coating came off.

Then we received a gift of T-Fal nonstick cookware. At first I was apprehensive about the T-Fal. I knew how to cook using the Revereware and knew just what to do. And the T-Fal was so slick, I initially had trouble trying to get a spatula under the foods to turn them over. The eggs would instead be chased by the spatula.

But over time, I became a convert to T-Fal, and learned how to turn over my omelets, pork chops, and hamburgers. The T-Fal iss really so much easier to use, you don't need hardly any oil at all. They're a snap to clean. Occasionally a really hardcooked on food might need to soak 5 minutes, but generally they clean up in jiffy.

The Armorall coatings on the T-Fal last much longer then the original Teflon coatings of other non-stick cookware. But, still, they don't last forever. Even with delicate care, and not letting anything touch the surface in storage , the coatings eventually get damaged. That takes many years of cooking on them for them to need replacing.
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I love T-Fal! My mom had several items when I lived at home. While I could not afford to get a whole set of pots and pans when I moved out, I did make it a point to buy one of the flat square pans. It's so perfect for making grilled cheese. : ) I'm slowly replacing a few other items as needed and I agree, clean up is so easy.