Posted By: r8rpwr 
Jul 3  # 1 of 18
Okay, the eternal question: Do you like your iced tea sweet or unsweet?

I like mine unsweet, but with lemon. Yes, I am in the South, but not the Deep South, so I guess that is my excuse.
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
Jul 3  # 2 of 18
hmmmmmmmmmm - iced tea is my favorite! cut black pekoe, orange pekoe, green, any kind!! with or without sugar, honey or sweetener, with or without lemon, lime or orange slices...............fresh brewed, sun tea, leftover from the teapot - I'm not fussy!!!

but i do prefer fresh instead of "canned" mixes!
 Posted By: peacherina 
Jul 3  # 3 of 18
Sweet Ice tea is my favorite.Sometimes I like it with lemon. I like a lottttt of sugar in mines. OH and I like it strong!
 Posted By: DrPepper 
Jul 3  # 4 of 18
Iced tea sweetened with lemon and mint. We use fresh mint leaves from plants that came over with my grandmother in 1910 from Eastern Europe.
 Posted By: Mrs. Chipotle 
Jul 4  # 5 of 18
I like mine unsweet as well.

It's interesting how in some areas (it was like this when I was in Atlanta recently) you can't even get unsweet tea at all. I'll drink it sweet; I just don't prefer it that way.