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Since wine and food go hand in hand, I thought this would be a good place to discuss.

I'm generally a fan of red wines, shiraz and merlots in particular. I also like the sweet whites, such as riesling.
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I don't drink alcohol very much, but I do enjoy a nice burgundy every once in a while. I went to Italy on a trip a few years ago and tried some Italian wine, now I no longer can drink anything but that.
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I enjoy a lot of the wines from Trader Joe's.
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I went to a conference in San Antonio, Texas and bought a wonderful dessert wine produced by Cap*Rock Winery named Texas Blush. I'm not a wine expert but this wine was excellent tasting and enjoyed by everyone that tried it.

When I tried to get more of Cap*Rock local, it wasn't available so I ended up contacting the store in San Antonio to get more. Customer service at the store in San Antonio said that most Texas wines stay in Texas so they're not available out of state at retailers. I can't remember the name of the store, but they were quiet friendly people. I'll report if I come across a receipt for the sale.
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The Caprock winery is in Lubbock. I've actually visited and had a tasting there.

I also recommend Llano Estacado blush, also from Lubbock.

Lots of people turn up their nose at blush wines but I enjoy them, especially in summer when chilled.

Some specific wines I've enjoyed recently:

- Yellow Tail (merlot or shiraz)
- Little Penguin shiraz
- Llano Estacado merlot
- Rosemount shiraz

We've gotten into Australian wines quite a bit lately.