Posted By: Jumkie31 
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I don't own one, and I doubt I ever will again. I found they never get the dishes that clean anyhow. I used jet dry, cascade, you name it, and still, yuck. I hate the smell left behind on the dishes, the smudges, grit and leftovers.

Do you use a dishwasher? Does it get your dishes clean? Anyone have tips/hints for dishwasher users?

I find for myself and just being 4 of us, it's just easier and probably faster to just wash them by hand myself.
 Posted By: PoorGirl 
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I have a really old dishwasher and it does suck as well, but I wash all of my dishes before I put them in there for added wash. I can't leave a crumb food on any of the dished or I wind up with with a lot of dirty dishes.
 Posted By: Worker Bee 
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I do have one and I find it a great time saver.

It cleans very well if I place the tablet inside the tub as opposed to in the tray in which it used to clump.

That said, though, I fantasize about giving my current dishwasher a good, swift, kick. Prior to the warranty running out it made a very raunchy noise mid-cycle. Sounded like the motor so the repair guy replaced it. Wasn't the motor, it's off warranty and we endure this noise daily for at least 10 mins. I'd never buy a Maytag again. This one doesn't even have an interrupt. If you pause the cycle you must begin again. It wasn't the most expensive model but it wasn't "bargain basement" either (which it may as well be).

Sheer junk, but it serves the primary purpose.
 Posted By: oldbay 
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We have a Maytag dishwasher and it's worked great for us. When we first moved in it was so quiet compared to the one at our prior place that we opened it a few times to make sure it was working. It does a good job for us. We clean our pots and pans by hand. Other than that we toss every thing into the dishwasher.
 Posted By: PoorGirl 
Aug 20  # 5 of 53
With the maytag do you have to prerinse everything. Or is it that good. I need to get one of those.