Posted By: dovestrobe 
Oct 7  # 11 of 14
I've been using my pressure cooker (a presto cooker) an awful lot lately.
Rice (I use a separate bowl inside the cooker with metal canning jar rings placed on the bottom of the cooker, allows for water to be placed at the bottom of the cooker and the bowl doesn't touch the bottom of the cooker). I love the gooey (similar to Chinese restaurant) texture. You don't even need to measure the water, just place 1/2 inch of water above the level of the rice!
Soups and stews, yummy and fast. If I have the rice and beans precooked, all I have to do is add the other ingredients and in 10 minutes I have dinner (yum!)
Chicken (very tenderly cooked)
veggies (yum) cooks them through and retains the nutrients. I even cook the broccoli stems. Carrots can retain their color and have a soft texture like butter (yummy!)

Cooks things fast and safely. Saves on energy too. Once it reaches the optimum 15 PSI, all you have to do is reduce the heat.

You can buy one on ebay for a song. I especially like the 6 quart presto cooker (1970's) edition. I own an aluminum one.
 Posted By: ChileFarmer 
Oct 8  # 12 of 14
I have been around, and used pressure cookers my whole live. When young we canned everything we ate. We also grew all or most of our food. Even beef, goat, fish and wild game were canned. Nowadays we don't pressure can as much. I do however still own several (large and small ones) and do use the smaller ones often. I always will pressure cook my stew meat or any tough cut of meat before putting it into my dish.
I think pressure cookers are safe as long as you understand how it works, and pay very close attention. CF:)
 Posted By: CanMan 
Oct 8  # 13 of 14
And also know the difference between a Pressure Cooker and a Pressure Canner.
 Posted By: ChileFarmer 
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Canman, you are so right. I use the smaller pressure cookers for cooking. I have not cooked in the pressure canner. I do still think you have to understand the machine. As I have been told if all else fails read and understand the book. CF:)